Heavy hoisting

We are specialized in the sector that demands highly complexity movements and lifting. We have the required engineering, personnel and technology to execute such tasks.

  • Lifting of heavy loads.
  • Consultancy, planning and implementation of different maneuver types, as well as strategies on critical mountings regardless of the size of the project.
  • Engineering to simulate, by cinematics, even the smallest details to provide stability and reliability to the maneuver.

Offering service for maneuvers design, our engineers are at the customer’s service to perform inspection at the lifting site in order to define the adequate equipment and to lay it down on the implementation plan.

Supply of planning and engineering services, execution of complex, overweight and oversized loads, confined spaces, interferences at different heights and/or fragile loads is our commitment.

We contribute to the engineering development and execution strategies and assembly of all type of structures: We are able if required to determine the construction stages for basements, slabs, perimeter fences and hidden walls, allowing the required space for access, arrangement and removal of the equipment.

Our participation helps to avoid waste of resources and rework that could impact as additional costs and non-required excess on man-hours, making your project a total success.

Being the accidents prevention a priority, all our maneuvers are executed under strict supervision and industrial safety assistance, with previous analysis and risk detection, all of this because our processes are ruled by standards of system OHSAS 18000.